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  • Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor
  • Part No.:UL202
  • Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor,RS232/RS485 &Analog Output,No Drawing/Drilling,8~36V
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    Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor.jpg

    Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor All in One Design

    Model: UL202/UL203

    Application: M2M Devices, GPS Tracker, Mobile DVR

    ·       No Drawings/Breaking in tank, Easy Installation

    ·       Serial port Output: RS232(default)/RS485, Analog 0~5V

    ·       Baud Rates: Default 9600 or Customized

    ·       Maximum Measuring Range: 1m(default)

    ·       Support Material: Any liquid, Diesel or Gasoline, Milk, etc.

    ·       Support Tank: Plastic/Metal/Aluminum/Stainless Steel,etc.

    ·        Resolution: 0.1 mm

    ·       Accuracy: ±0.5%

    ·       Lowest Liquid Level Detection:5~6cm

    ·       Max. Tank thickness: 8 mm

    ·       Max. Length of sensors cable: 15 meters

    ·       Power supply: 8~36V DC

    ·       Power consumption: Around 0.4 W/12 V DC

    ·       IP66 for detector, IP61 for controller box

    ·       Support Brands: Teltonika, Calamp, Queclink, Meitrack, Coban, Atrack, Wireless Link, Icarvision, etc.


    Part No.


    Signal Output



    Ultrasonic fuel level sensor

    RS232 (default)/RS485,0~5V Analog


    Recommended GPS Tracker that can work with our ultrasonic fuel sensor

    Teltonika: FMB640,FMB630,FMB125

    Queclink: GV200, GV200G, GV300

    Meitrack: MVT380, T1, MVT600, MVT800

    Calamp: LMU-2000, LMU-2100, LMU-2600, LMU-2700 Series.

    Dimension of UL202 Probe.jpg


    1. How to connect via RS232 (example for Calamp, more details of other tracker please refer to sales@tenet.com.hk)

    UL202 Connection Calamp by Tenet Instruments.jpg

    2. How to connect Analog?

    UL202 to Analog.png

    3. Recommended AB Epoxy Glue for fixing the probe on the bottom of tank:

    Ultrasonic fuel level sensor AB Glue.jpg







    For more details, please contact Email: sales@tenet.com.hk , Skype: tenet.instrument, Tel:+86-755-82591445

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Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor,RS232/RS485 &Analog Output,No Drawing/Drilling,8~36V
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